2011 Brabus Mercedes-Benz iBusiness SV12 R

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25 Responses to “2011 Brabus Mercedes-Benz iBusiness SV12 R”

  1. GdRoock says:

    @Razer2211 In Denmark it’s about 1.400.000 Eur… Don’t hate taxes in Germany. Hate them in DK.

  2. adriank9 says:

    nice family car :-) nice bus!

  3. Razer2211 says:

    in germany it cost 469.000,00 Euro/ 663 869,50 US-Dollar ^^

  4. MaineTechTV says:

    So cool, how in the hell could you get company to leave your back seat with a set up like that lol!?!?!

  5. hotmercedes says:

    it needs more brabus stickers on it

  6. HASSDICH62 says:

    @cotyuv so u jealous

  7. dodger19701 says:

    i will own one

  8. javier090388m150 says:

    this car is so aggressive!! even more with that song!!! it makes you stand up when it pass by!

  9. CLK200kompressorrrrr says:

    the music was most suitable for the video, excellent choice

  10. SavingPrivateBrian says:

    I imagine that when you’re going 200mph you’re not able to get WiFi on the computers!! lmao

    probably uses satellites

  11. cotyuv says:

    @HASSDICH62 so ?

  12. chaudhryALeE says:

    excellent car

  13. HASSDICH62 says:


  14. daltonauto says:

    @94KorleoneDon Then i’d buy a Murcielago SV

  15. 94KorleoneDon says:

    how much cost this car??? a think over 500 000$

  16. G0Far says:

    Brabus needs to come out with a 62S Landaulet tune :) .

  17. Pauloemc says:


  18. timoboll777 says:


  19. nhsplayer07 says:

    good song good car yeah buddy

  20. th3s71g says:

    Mercedes-Benz SV12R Brabus iBussines!!! Name like a king!

  21. TheIrishCreamPuff says:

    try syncing this with your itunes…

  22. mrkerpal2 says:

    whats the difference between the 800 and the sv12 r? 50 horsepower?

  23. Laserchicken88 says:

    will it have “made for iPod” logo on the back as well?

  24. 1000fsj says:

    Mr BRABUS you make my mouth dripping send to me this one for one week then i will send it to you back XD

  25. trt3d says:

    so much big engine … lol 3/5

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